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Our brothers from the North are cheating us, Pa Adebanjo laments

ON APRIL 25, 202011:56 AMIN NEWS

Afenifere leader, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, has renewed his call for a return to true federalism to correct the imbalance and injustice in the present political arrangement.

Adebanjo said in a special interview on the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State, BCOS, TV that most of the problems affecting the nation are rooted in a distorted Constitution crafted by the military.

The elder statesman said, “The beginning of our problem in this country was the military coup of 1966. The people who want to do mischief, particularly our brothers from the North, are cheating us under the present structure imposed on us by the military in 1966.

 “As long as that Constitution exists, those of us in the South who took part in the founding of this nation under our constitutional democracy will not accept.” He frowned at lopsidedness and lack of openness in the creation of local governments which he said was in favour of the North. “This Constitution created local governments which they use to distribute resources. But the North is in a position of strength”, he said.

 The Afenifere chieftain went on: “This is a country where a section is imposing its will on the rest. They are using false population to get a majority in the parliament. “The return to the genuine federal structure is imperative to free the rest of the country from servitude”. The elder statesman blamed some Yoruba leaders in the All Progressive Congress (APC) for not being bold enough to speak the truth to power. “Our brothers who are in the APC will say they cannot do without the North and I dare say we are equal partners in this federation”.

Read more at: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2020/04/true-federalism-our-brothers-from-the-north-are-cheating-us-pa-adebanjo-laments/

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