Ogba Mythology

Posted On 16 May 2010
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Myth in the taxonomy of oral literature is a long narrative under the spoken genre. it is a story handed down from olden times, about heroes and superhuman beings, an explanation of natural events or beliefs and about the early history of a people. Therefore Ogba myth as a concept is linked with the dynamics of myth such as historicity, narrative and entertainment since myth is a universal phenomenon. It is pertinent to stress that Ogba myth is history and the inclusion of historical facts in Ogba is for ideological purpose. It is in order to glorify or idealize the Ogba past and for self-apprehension in order to prevent the present and the future from the mistakes of the past. Therefore, the concept of history in myth has in no small measure helped in our appreciation of Ogba history and Ogba myth as determinant elements in the literary creativity of Ogba in the oral milieu and because myths have elements of historicity. Many scholars, including Micea Eciade, emphasises that “myth narrates sacred history”. The Ogba Nation 1460-2003 Volume 1  By Ben-Fred Ohia and Henry O. Onyedibia (794).

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