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  1. Gautam

    what we have is not terrorism but a staotiiun in which certain northerners want to vermoose with loot stolen over the years!!!. In this created chaos, they will slip quietly into their new country knowing that the large populace of uneducated citizens in that new country’, are used to serfdom so will forever be dependent on crumbs from their tables as such they will permanently escape justice from man and since they equate themselves with God as all their actions including mass murder, election rigging, stealing of our commonwealth are ordained by God’, will scorn God’s judgement too. we don’t need to look far, their I Be Bigman rantings and manipulations of the judiciary give them away. even the activities of their young turks who come to work in traditional regalia to intimidate us, spend our money any how and the other one who condemns jonathan at the drop of a hat but who must have billions stashed somewhere gives them away. but to the rest of us, i say take heart, history is never on their side. these modern day saddam husseins of today who talk down on us from their gilded palaces will tomorrow be caught up with in their rat holes!!!!!

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