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Adios Oboh

Lady Anastasia Egoyibo Ajua (JP)


We are saddened to announce that after a remarkable, fulfilled and exceptional almost 89 years of earthly sojourn, our dearest mum, grandmom, great grandmom, sister and aunty Lady Ann Ajua breathed her last with her children and grandchildren at her bedside.

She was an astute businesswoman to the core with a result-oriented personality. She was a bold, outspoken, independent disciplinarian who believed so much in hard work.

As regards the aforementioned, we are notifying you of the date of 12th August, 2023, to commit our mom, the matriach of Ajua dynasty to mother earth in her country home at Omoku.

The schedule of events leading to the 12th of august are particularized overleaf.

You may express your condolences and tributes to those left behind to mourn her through the e-mail: Tributes.Oboh@ gmail.com

Goodluck, Godspeedand God bless.


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