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Ogba people call the whole of their present homeland Ali-Ogba, that is land of the Ogbas; a land of high forest and secondary growth, with characteristic wildlife, mahogany and other valuable woods; a land of seasonal floods and heavy rainfall; a fertile land of mixed clay and laterte loams.

Modern technology has discovered that all Ali-Ogba is literally sitting on crude oil on which the whole Nigeria economy almost solely depends. According to current oil company records, no local government in Nigeria produces as much crude oil and gas as the Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni (ONELGA) local government.

Location and Boundaries: In geographical terms, Ogbakingdom occupies an area roughly thirty kilometers by twenty kilometers in the Niger flood plain, with Ekpeye, Egeni and Ijaw areas to the south and southwest; Egbema, Oguta, Awara, to the north and northeast; and

Aboh, Ndoni, Kwale and Onitsha to the west and northwest.

The chief rivers in the area are the Orashi, the Sombreiro. The greyish and lordly

Orashi meanders its way from north to south through Obrikom, Kreigani, Idu. The smoky,

transparent and gentle Sombreiro, flowing also from north to south, glides through

Ogba towns and villages – Obor, Okprukpuali, Okansu, Ohiuga, Obiozimini to Abonema,

where it rejoins the Orashi and empties soon afterwards into the Atlantic Ocean.

About two miles south of Obrikom, the clear, deep blue River Omoku rises, as it were from the underworld, one mile east of the Orashi, and empties itself into the Orashi at Onu Omoku, (i.e mouth of Omoku), after a slow journey of about four miles. Onu Omoku is regarded as a shrine, and has a “face” (ihi erisi), where sacrifices are offered by adherents and worshippers at appointed times every year.

Ogba Kingdom is situated entirely within the tropics see


It is located approximately between longitudes

70 31 to 120 45 East of greenwish meridian and latitudes 60 71 to 100 40 north

of Equator. Ogba kingdom is in Rivers State of Nigeria and lies southwest of Imo

State. It is in the Ogba/Ndoni/Egbema Local Government Area (ONELGA). By 1991

Census, Ogba Kingdom population is 170,000 (1993 A. Ahiamadu). with the capital

located at Omoku.

Ali Ogba, History of Ogba People By  Ellah, Francis J.