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Oba Advises Politicians Against Violence

Published 3 days ago  on April 15, 2022, By The Tide, The Oba of Ogbaland, His Eminence, Nwachuku Obuoha Obi (III), has advised politicians against utterances capable of inciting violence during the forthcoming campaign in the areaHe said this at a closed- door meeting with all registered political...
Posted On 17 Apr 2022

Egi Ogba culture and language in its present form

Historic Visit By Nwokezi John Ikoro The Oba of Benin, acknowledged with certainty Egi Ogba culture and language in its present form, saying that as his priest had pronounced, the Oba of Benin is now looking at the possibilities for the formal recognition of the ancient “Eze Egi Stool” in Rivers State, from where...
Posted On 07 Feb 2022

Ogba Ancestors

The Ogba ancestors divided the earth into two parts, which they called “Oru” and “Igmo” respectively. By the former term, Ogbas referred to riverine people. By the latter, they meant inhabitants of the hinterland. Both parts represented to them the whole world, which they called...
Posted On 18 Dec 2020